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The Hinza bag

A Hinza bag is not a bag like any other. It is not even just a bag. The classical stylish shape makes it fit in anywhere, the plastic material allows it to withstand almost anything it is exposed.

The Hinza bag is excellent for storage – a colourful, stylish alternative for keeping things organized at home and at the office. The Hinza bag provides easy access to your crafts, tools and toys.

The Hinza bag is as obvious a choice for picnics and outings as for pool parties and shopping trips. It is perfect for hobby and gardening jobs as it is sturdy and easy to clean. The Hinza bag is available in two sizes, the smaller version is a perfect fit for a bicycle basket.

The many colours and the two sizes means everyone can find their favorite. There is a Hinza bag for everything and everyone!

The Hinza bags are manufactured in Sweden.

Hinza Green plastic

The eco-friendly Green Plastic version of the Hinza bag is produced from a renewable raw material sourced from sugar cane.

When sugar cane is growing, it absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. When green plastic made from sugar cane is burned, the carbon dioxide is released back into the atmosphere. As the total amount of carbon dioxide does not increase, as it does when ordinary plastic from fossil raw materials is burned, there is no impact on climate.

The sugar cane used to produce the plastic for our Green Plastic bags is grown on Brazilian plantations that are located at least 2,500 km from the Amazon.

Green plastic is recycled in the same way as conventional plastics. Variations in the surface layer may occur.


The Hinza bags are made of polyethylene plastics. The Green Plastic-version of the Hinza bag is made from sugarcane.

All Hinza bags are produced in Sweden in a production plant certified to the quality and environment ISO-standards 9001 and 14001.

The bag covers are produced in Poland.

Large Hinza bag
Height with handles: 42 cm.  Height without handles: 25 cm.
Length: 44 cm.  Width: 17 cm.
Volume: 15 litres
Carrying capacity: 15 kg.

Small Hinza bag
Height with handles: 38.5 cm. Height without handles: 22 cm.
Length: 32 cm. Width: 15 cm.
Volume: 7.5 litres
Carrying capacity: 10 kg


The large version of the Hinza bag is a Swedish classic, designed at the beginning of the 1950s by the Swedish plastic and chemical company Perstorp AB.  The bag was named Shopping Bag 329 and it is the model for today’s Hinza bag by designer Curt Christofferson, employed at the company.

The striped plastic bag quickly became popular in Swedish homes as it was useful for a multitude of purposes, not least for carrying home groceries. In the mid-1960s, grocery stores began offering customers disposable plastic bags, which resulted in production of the Shopping Bag being shut down.

Karin Bachstätter is a great granddaughter of the founder of Perstorp AB and these practical plastic bags have always been a presence her life. With the development of a new environmental awareness, Karin and her husband re-started production in 2007 together with her parents. The smaller version of the bag was launched in 2015.

All Hinza bags are manufactured in Hillerstorp in the province of Småland, and the factory has environmental as well as quality management certification.

The Fifties concept and design still hold, with the plastic bag’s stylish shape and enormous usability meaning that it’s never outdated.

Bag Covers

Cover up your Hinza bag and make it even more useful!

These amazing bag covers in black water repellent fabric, hides and protects your belongings.

Available for both large and small Hinza bags.

Material: PET/PUR
Made in EU. 

Inner bags

Inserts for Hinza bags with zipper and inner pockets.

Cooler bags

A cooler bag that is great on its own or as an insert for a large Hinza bag.

Removable, adjustable shoulder strap.

Multi handbags

Great handbags that can also be used as inserts for Hinza bags.

Removable, adjustable shoulder strap.

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